So, Who's Rotor-Head?

A few years back I had the good fortune to meet and work on a project with Shawn Adams, aka Rotor-Head. He and I were brought together by a mutual client as independent contractors to provide photography and video documentation during the testing of a new helicopter weapon system.

Shawn has a unique personality and skill set that was ideally well suited to the project. First, he's a fun and funny easy going guy and a hoot to be around. Which, considering we were trapped on a remote ranch in 'nowhere west Texas,' was a huge bonus. He's also a helicopter guy who's exceedingly comfortable in, on and around them and quite an accomplished pilot as well. He's also a talented cinematographer with a positive, high energy and creative 'can-do' attitude.

For this project, Shawn brought along a number of Pelican cases chock full of video cameras, all kinds of stabilizing equipment and also a number of drones with high definition 4K cameras. At the time, I had very little exposure to drones, especially those used for filming. I came to learn however, Shawn was one of the true pioneers, having operated drones for many years, even before their popularity exploded.

Throughout the project, Shawn and I worked side by side, sharing cabin space aboard helicopters during in-flight filming evolutions and inspiring or at least encouraging one another on the ground to perhaps try a camera angle that might be new or interesting.

It was a fabulous week working together and getting to know one another. It was all kinds of fun and I learned so much. So at the end of the week when Shawn and I parted ways we assured one another we'd each be looking for other opportunities to do it again soon.

Since then, Shawn and I have partnered on other collaborative efforts which resulted in some pretty fabulous photography and video. Perhaps the most memorable were projects on the rugged coast of Oregon for Bell Helicopters and high in the Colorado Rockies for BLR Aerospace and Vertical magazine, (check out my August and October 2016 blog posts). And each time the synergy between Shawn and I seemed to pick up right where we left off and I believe this was reflected in the content we produced for our clients.

So going forward, Shawn and I are excited at the prospect of formally branding and marketing our partnership so as to provide clients a one stop, turn key solution for uber-high quality video and still photography.

Treat your senses and visit www.Rotor-Head.com to see samples of some of Shawn's amazing video projects and then consider what he and I may be able to create for your marketing efforts!